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can you grow a building?
posted by michael freeman flynn at 2:12 PM


Blogger Doug, at 12:26 PM  
fabtreehab again - that one has more info.
Blogger Doug, at 12:31 PM  
when i was in manitoba, mark west touched upon local utilization of resources to build. . . he mentioned his colleague shigeru ban and a couple of people growing coral. this was during his "lecture" on eladio dieste. . . a brick master who you should study and learn aboot.
Blogger edmund leechie liang, at 1:19 AM  

an armature for growing coral.
Blogger edmund leechie liang, at 7:42 PM  
we have been developing biological and crystalline methods to perform molecular bottom-up assembly, ultimately to grow buildings. Our initial experiments have been to grow carbon nanotubes in a variety of structures including the set of sacred geometry. Future studies will include dna/protien assemblies. Look up DNA tiling and virus assembly.

Ryan, Elizabeth and John
Growing Architecture Collective
ryanwartena 'at' mit 'dot' edu
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:24 AM  
and, please, forward on any comments, suggestions or ideas for collaboration. Our goal is to pull together as many talents as possible to make this dream come true.
Cheers, Ryan.
oops: email is: wartena 'at' mit 'dot' edu
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